Cover was born from the desire to unite all my creative universe.

After my studies in fashion design, I specialized in fabric design and then spent six years in Paris working in arts and crafts studios creating exclusive fabrics for Haute Couture. At the same time, I founded Cover in 2012 as a way to offer to anyone the multiples crafts and techniques I learnt, which are usually kept for an elite.

At first ribbon jewels, then accessories, and also today printed papercraft and T-shirts, I don’t want Cover to be reduced to one thing or another, I wish to offer unique creations that will become anybody’s desire.


Established in Dordogne Country, I producing very short runs, in eco-friendly materials. My work is mostly based on finding ways to alter the screen print process and create unique pieces. In fact, using an unseen process, each print is different.

  • The colors are home-made, with water-based inks without solvents.
  • The materials used are eco-friendly : organic cotton, bamboo, recycled paper.
  • The screen print process is distorted to make each piece unique.

Perrine Labussière